Why LetUSHelp

  1. Rapid Response Home or Office We Come To You.
  2. On-Site & Remote Support
  3. Desktop & Laptop Repairs
  4. Computer Repairs & Maintenance
  5. Virus & Malware Removal
  6. Performance Enhancement
  7. Wireless Setup / Home Security
  8. Data Recovery & Backup
  9. Windows Server / Email Support
  10. Minor Electrical Work
  11. Setup Home Entertainment
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About LetUSHelp

LetUsHelp was established to keep you working - saving you time and money. We understand how frustrating and expensive faulty computers can be and that you need them fixed now! Are you fed up with non-existent support and don't want to unplug those scary cables? Call us. Speak to one of our Nerds; explain the problem and our Nerds will get to work. Our Nerds love a challenge and are always ready to help.

LetUsHelp Services

LetUsHelp offers a fast, friendly and cost-effective way to solve all your IT related problems.

Home or Business Solutions

Whether you’re a first-time home user or a busy company, we aim to offer the same high level of dedicated service supporting Windows, Apple and Unix based Operating Systems.

No Solution no Fee!*

For home users we also offer the added peace of mind of a “No Solution - No Fee” policy.

LetUsHelp On-Site Menu System: (1 Item per Device)











New Printer, Scanner, Tablet or Smartphone Installation (Software to be provided) New Computer Setup (Profile and Email setup if ISP details on hand) New Computer setup including data transfer from old computer* or restoration of backup Backup, Format and Reload includes Restoration of data, OS plus updates and MS Office Training (per hour)
Find and replace (or add) a minor hardware item* Install / Setup one 3rd Party Program (Skype, , Games, etc) Fix a major software issue (device not working, incompatibilities, driver problems, old versions or conflicts) Software Based Data Recovery Miscellaneous labour not listed here (per hour)
Internet and Email Setup on one computer – ISP details on hand Install a Camera, MP3 Player, Scanner, All-in-one Printer or Camcorder Full clean-up including virus and adware removal plus optimization Setup ADSL / WAN & Wireless network with up to 5 LAN devices Network Point Installation excludes cable @ R8 per meter
Add a device to a network Basic Wireless Setup (up to 2 PC’s, excludes hardware) Backup – Setup removable hard drive with selected data and schedule plus initiate first backup Find and replace (or add) a major hardware item*
Setup Anti-Virus Setup ADSL or WAN connection on one router Restore data to relevant locations and program settings (if available) from a backup device Network Setup and Sharing up to 5 devices (Excluding Hardware)
Basic PC health check and malware removal
Fix a minor software issue (device is still working)
* minor hardware = power supply, RAM, add-on cards, HD excluding OS * only includes transfer of user data and setup of Internet and Email. Does not include 3rd party software * only includes transfer of user data and setup of Internet and Email. Does not include 3rd party software

LetUSHelp Remote Support

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IT Desktop




Support Desktops and Laptops
Support Tablets and Smartphones
Support Response Prioritization 8 Hours 4 Hours 2 Hours
Requires Internet Access Yes Yes Yes
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